Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beaucoup 36pcs acier inoxydable de haute cavering aneau des hommes du tisseur ?

Objet neuf jamais porté vendu dans emballage origine comme la boîte ou la pochette origine et/ou avec étiquettes origine. Afficher la éfinition de tous les états- la page ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre ou uouvel onglet... En savoir plussur étatnSexe: nUnisexenplease EMAIL BEFORE PLACING YOUR BID AND ASK ALL QUESTIONS AND nAVOID ANY MISUNDERSTANDING!!!nItem Descriptions:nNew ncodition arrive!!!nMaterial: Stainless steelnRingsize:17-22mm approxnQuantity:36pcsnimportant transaction itembefore you nbuy buyer must look:n* nPlease the buyer reads the trade rule carefully and item description. If there nis any doubt please inquire us before bid. * If you buy many items please ncontact us inquire discounts policy. * Please buyers to finish the trade nwithin days If buyers have not paid in days The items are not preserving nAnd we will warn buyer win item but not pay. * If you have any queries nplease contact us by -mail first time and we will endeavour to assist you as nquickly as possible. then you can buy them


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